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Pupil update March 2022.

Vogue Driving School will not teach anyone who knowingly has Covid and masks will still be mandatory in our vehicle due to the close proximity of the instructor and the pupil.

Students will still need to wear a face-covering for their driving test although medical exemptions still apply. 

Exemptions can be declared when booking your driving test.

We appreciate pupils using hand gel before they start their lessons. We want to ensure we can continue with lessons and hope that all our pupils understand that it is for their benefit that we don’t want any further interruptions in their lesson plans.

If you find you have covid, we will re-arrange your lessons on proof of a positive lateral flow test. Please let us know as soon as possible.

Driving lessons pupil guidance before every session:

  1. Please call if you have any symptoms of coronavirus such as a cough or high temperature or any of the other Covid-19 symptoms.
    We do not wish for our instructor or any other pupils to be put at risk unnecessarily. We hope you will be honest. If the instructor feels that you are not well enough during the lesson, it will be at his discretion to cancel the lesson – even if it has started.
  2. There will be no handshakes.
  3. Open-toed shoes/sandals are not allowed and for our insurance purposes, flat closed shoes should be worn for all lessons.
  4. Cash payments will not be accepted. We use other methods such as a bank transfer.
  5. Mobile phones must be turned off and are not allowed on the dashboard or the side pocket of the vehicle. 
  6. Water bottles can be brought with you. Pupils can request time to stop and take a drink when it is safe to do so.
  7. Please bring a face mask with you. Face visors are not allowed due to injury if an airbag was to detonate.

Driving Test instructions post Covid-19

  • A practical test will not go ahead if the candidate arrives showing any possible symptoms of the Coronavirus.
  • You have to take a lateral flow test prior to arriving at the test centre.
  • If your driving test appointment is on a day when you are self-isolating, you can change your appointment free of charge including if you do it at short notice (within 3 clear working days of the test).
  • If a candidate commences the test and starts to cough continuously or becomes unwell, the test will be stopped.
  • If a candidate commits a serious or dangerous fault (or makes 16 driving faults) that would result in a fail, they will be directed back to the Driving Test Centre. Test conditions continue until they return to the centre, where the test will be ended and a debrief offered.
  • If you make a mistake on the driving test you will be allowed to carry on but if you have a serious or dangerous fault (which means a fail) you will be directed back to the test centre where the test will end. *

This is a link to the government website that gives you the full details regarding booking your driving test.

*Please note that our car has been booked out for a 3-hour test slot and should the test end early, we will be unable to refund any money under this latest rule.

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